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IMG is a focused organization designed for the purpose of growing your brand and your sales via television shopping and other specialized channels. Our concentration, expertise, and systems are targeted towards executing the complete sales cycle from effectively marketing your brand to exceeding the consumer's delivery expectations.

Brand Building
Whether it is for a well-recognized brand or an up-and-coming one, TV has always been a powerful tool for companies to promote your brand. Television shopping provides an exceptional opportunity to reach a desirable demographic with your brand's message while uniquely enhancing sales on other platforms which is called the "halo effect".

Educating Consumers

Part of what sets the television shopping experience apart from others is the ability to educate viewers about your brand and your product. You aren't just selling an item, you are informing customers of all of the great features, functions, applications, and benefits of owning this particular item in a way that simply is not possible when looking at a picture of it online or picking it up off of a shelf at the store.

Marketing established brands

Established Brands

Your brand is already highly recognizable nationwide, perhaps worldwide. IMG adapts your brand message to resonate with the consumers that we are speaking to in the TV marketplace in order to build upon the foundation already in place and attract more followers.

Marketing emerging brands

Emerging Brands

If your product line is new or not well-known then IMG can help craft a fresh brand message for your company in the "micro" environment of TV shopping. Shoppers in this market are loyal and engaged, so they are able to recognize the value of a brand that we build together on television even without a significant presence at mass retail.

Television Marketing
Television Marketing

TV is one of the most efficient sales and marketing tools available, producing instant point of sale results and engaging consumers who are ready to learn about your product. Most importantly though, it provides an opportunity not just to get the word out, but to convey the right message. After all, who better than to decide on the best, most important features of a product than the ones who produce it!

  • Conceptual Planning

    A number of different factors go into a successful presentation, most importantly the development and execution of an effective on-air marketing strategy. That includes concise messaging, impactful demonstrations, and creatively highlighting the right benefits for customers at opportune moments.

  • Creating a Positive Narrative

    Every product has a story to tell. With over 100 years of television marketing experience, our team has the capacity to educate customers on how your product solves their problem, fulfills a need, or enriches their lives.

  • Demonstrations and Visuals

    Product demonstrations, props, reveals, imagery, and authentic claims are all essential tools for success in a visual medium such as TV. At IMG we have a talent and an enthusiasm for creative, effectual demos that draw the attention of even the most casual viewers!

  • Talent, Training, and Evaluation

    Having the right spokesperson for your brand or product is vital. We recruit only professionals with the right talent, energy, and temperament to deliver your product's message to viewers. IMG then provides the training and tools to give you the best chance at success. Presentations are monitored and evaluated in real-time so that we can provide constructive feedback and make any necessary modifications.

  • Winner of the 2017 HSN Star Award for Operational Excellence

    "To our customers, IMG is best known for supplying some of HSN’s most popular brands. Internally, they're known for performing at near-perfect service levels for both submissions into the HSN process and delivery to our customers."

Retail and Special Markets
Marketing established brands

While our core business is on television, IMG has a great history in other markets as well including digital retailers, brick-and-mortar stores, premiums and incentives, and flash sales. Our capacity to create and manage unique assortments across multiple industries appropriately differentiates our customers while simultaneously expanding the reach of our brand partners.

IMG Logistics, a division of International Marketing Group, is a 3rd party logistics (3PL) organization specializing in the storage and drop shipping of high volumes of customized product. Due in part to our background in the television shopping industry, we have become proficient in shipping large quantities to individual addresses in compressed timeframes. Our personal touch allows us to be more flexible for you so you can be more flexible for your customers.

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